Frequently Asked Questions


FLOCKHERE is for women who are working from home, don't have a dedicated workspace or spend time split between the "office" and home. and want that separation between work/home life.

FLOCKHERE is an early start up so whilst we don't yet have hundreds of venues for you to choose from, what we do have is a curated list of trusted recommended venues that we are always adding to. If you have any specific feedback on venues or would like to add yours to our directory just click here.

Good question I'm glad you asked. A big part of FLOCKHERE is the community we are creating, giving women access to spaces to work with the intention of re-addressing the gender imbalance in the workforce and entrepreneurial space.

The reasons for this imbalance are complex and unlikely to be solved overnight, however, we know that when there is a commonality of experience within communities, a high degree of psychological and emotional safety is created.

In turn, this encourages community members to share more authentically and expressively, a key factor in personal well-being.


Our Co-Working events will take place at some of our FLOCK SPOTS, they are a great way to get work done whilst working alongside other people, they are great for making connections, growing your network, brainstorming and more importantly feeling less alone. Why not try one of our events out?

FLOCKHERE Co-Working is for members only, you can however attend your first meet-up for free as a guest, you can find our events here


We've designed the app to make it as simple to use as possible, you simply search your current location or the location you want to find a venue. A list of options will appear for you to take a look at, once you've found the perfect fit you put in a booking request (which will be confirmed within 48 hours) and then hey presto you are all good to go!

On very rare occasions, sometimes a venue might need to cancel your booking for reasons out of our control, like a burst water pipe for example. On these occasions, we will let you know as soon as possible and you will be given the option to book an alternative venue.

Don't worry, we know things come up and you might not be able to make your booking. We kindly ask that you always give us at least 24hrs notice if you need to cancel and you can do this directly on your booking confirmation or in your member's area under "my bookings". If the cancellation is less than 24hrs we ask that you call the venue directly so the space can be opened up to other members.

You will be pleased to know there is no limit. We understand that you might want to mix up your working week and try a few different venues to work from (we don't blame you) so as long as you are booking the venues based on your intention to actually show up and work then the sky is the limit!

Initially when you are booking a space to work from you will be booking for yourself only, if there is another FLOCKer you want to work with then they will need to make a separate booking. If you don't fancy working alone and like the idea of co-working you can check out our events.


No, anyone can browse the app for inspiration, to search venues to work from local to you, but what you won't be able to do is 1. use our booking facility to reserve yourself a spot 2. Benefit from our member perks at the venues (did someone say free cake?) 3. Connect and work with other solo workers 4. Be part of our growing community of flock'ers and attend our co-working events and meet-ups

You have a few options

We have some special launch offers


£65 per quater 

£250 annual

**plus we have some lifetime spots available too**


If you think your venue would be a good FLOCK SPOT then you can register your venue here. Please note not all venues are accepted but if you come recommended, are laptop friendly and welcoming then I'm sure you will pass with flying colours.

Nope, all venues can list their FLOCK spots completely free of charge, all we ask is that you are welcoming to our members and where possible offer some member-exclusive perks, to register please click here.

The short answer is no, it's not a pre requisite to be accepted on the app but just an FYI most of our venues do offer our members perks, it's a great way to encourage FLOCKers to your venues and increase customer loyalty.