Looking for a space to work from?

We've got you covered.

FLOCKHERE - A new social networking app connecting women who work from home to places to work from and people to work with.

Looking for a change from the kitchen table? We've got you covered! With FLOCKHERE, you'll find the perfect venues that match your vibe, all curated just for you.

But that's not all—FLOCKHERE also hosts co-working events and meet-ups, creating a supportive community where you can connect, collaborate, and get inspired!

Enjoy laptop-friendly spaces and flexible booking options that fit seamlessly into your work-life routine. It's time to step out, discover new places, and join a community of like-minded women!


At FLOCKHERE, our mission is to combat the isolation and loneliness that often come with working from home.
We provide access to spaces that are not only perfect for getting work done but also make you feel welcome and connected to those around you through meet-ups, co-working sessions, and events.
Just because you work on your own doesn't mean you have to work alone.
As a member, you can:
- Book local, laptop-friendly spaces to work from
- Connect with other solo workers for co-working sessions
- Enjoy exclusive member perks at our venues
Why not sign up today or attend one of our co-working meet-ups to see if it's for you?

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Our amazing sponsors

Did you know FLOCKHERE was a crowdfunded project and wouldn't exist without the amazing support of everyone who pledged towards the campaign. Including our headline sponsors listed here.